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Cougar F9 F


We have captured the precise shape of the follow-up version of the F9 Panther and created a model thereof in a handy size allowing the installation of a 90mm electric ducted-fan (EDF) setup.  The F9F Cougar has, equipped with 16 cells and the corresponding fan unit, a breathtaking speed range.  The model comes with a blue finish and factory-applied graphics.  The air intake ducts are pre-installed and the wing center-section is set up to recieve the fan unit.  Actual construction is limited to radio and propulsion installation.  Launching is via bungee (slingshot).



Our Cougar is a compact electro-model that, due to its robust construction and excellent flight characteristics, presents an EDF well suited for new flyers in this field.

MOKI EDF unit 90mm with integrated MEGA 22/20/2 or MEGA22/20/3 Brushless motor

Kit Information:

Dark blue gelcoated full fiberglass construction One-piece wing with pre-installed air ducting and EDF mounting points Removable fiberglass tailplane Fiberglass fuselage with integrated vertical fin/rudder All control surfaces pre-mounted Finished in Navy colors.

Technical Specifications:

Wingspan: 94cm (37 in.) Accessories:
Length: 105cm (41.3 in.)
Weight: approx. 2.3kg (5 lbs.)  
Cells: from 12

MOKI EDF unit with integrated MEGA 22/20/2 or MEGA22/20/3 Brushless motor