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Turbo Raven


The Raven is a one-of-a-kind aircraft developed for ex-Navy fighter pilot and aerobatic competitor, Wayne Handley.  The two-seat, mid-wing aerobat was designed and configured for EXTREME aerobatics and is powered by a 330HP Lycoming.  Handley participated in many airshows and is a three-time California Unlimited Aerobatic Champion title holder.  He also held the World Record in inverted spins for a number of years.

The (never-ending) quest for more power centered on a P & W turboprop with 750 shaft horsepower.  It was obvious that the original airframe would not be up to the stress imposed by this powerplant, a new aircraft HAD to follow. 



ENTER, THE TURBO RAVEN!  First flown in March 1998, the racy "ORACLE" Turbo Raven, with its long nose and rather unusual (but none the less functional) wingtips, and a HUGE rudder with the same tip treatment has proved to be a real eye-opener for both the general public AND the aviation community.

 The beautiful lines and excellent areobatic capabilities promted us to make this aircraft available using CAD/CAM, in 1:3 scale using full fiberglass/carbon fiber (FG/CF) techniques.  The fuselage is layed up as a Herex-sandwich with Aramid (Kevlar) reinforcement in critical areas.  The ailerons are installed using the "elastic-flap" system, and the FG horizontal tailplane is removable.

 Powered with engines starting at 60cc's (3.7 cu. in.) or a TURBOPROP(Yes, there is such a thing!!), our  Turbo Raven ushers in a new dimension in powered aerobatics!

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Kit Information:
Kevlar-Carbon sandwich fuselage Two-piece, plug in FG wing with 35mm aluminium joiner tube Removable (two-part) horizontal tailplane utilizing a 16mm carbon-fiber joiner rod  All servo mounts built in  All control surfaces are built in using the "elastic-flap" system FG canopy frame CF reinforced main gear Transparent canopy Wheel spats CF tailwheel assembly CF spinner
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Technical Specifications:
Wing Span: 99 in.  Accesories:
Length: 85 in.  ORACLE Grafics package
Weight: from 20 lbs.  
Power: from 3.7 cu. in. (or TurboProp)