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Dominating the contest scene, the SWIFT is the most successful aerobatic soarer to date.  We have therefore decided to offer, along with our "smaller" 272cm and 370cm span models, this fantastic aircraft with a 5 meter (197 in.) wingspan.



The model is structurally optimized, with the wings being carbon fiber reinforced allowing virtually unlimited aerobatics that are guaranteed to fascinate not only competition pilots.



Kit Information:

White gel-coated fiberglass (FG) fuselage with carbon fiber reinforced vertical fin Carbon fiber reinforced, FG/composite wings with installed double-leaf spoilers FG rudder and horizontal tailplane 25mm FG rod wing joiner FG canopy frame CNC-milled bulkheads Transparent canopy.


Technical Specifications:      
Wingspan: 505cm (199 in.) Accessories:
Length: 260cm (102 in.)   Tow release mechanism
Weight: approx. 16Kg (35 lbs.)   Retractable main wheel
Airfoil: HQ Strak Graphics sheet