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Gobe R-26S


 The Gobe R-26s was developed and built by Ernö Rubik in Hungary, in 1963.  The unusual feature of this two-seat aircraft was in the choice of wing construction.

The forward torsional box was fabricated from aluminium sheet using a simple form, whereas the rear portion of the wing was contructed in conventional fabric over rib form.  We have faithfully replicated the aluminium torsional box in both the wing and tailplane along with all the characteristic surface details of the original in our proven full fiberglass (FG) technique.  The wing-joiner sockets are factory installed as well as the mount for the horizontal tailplane.  The control surfaces are gap free and pre-mounted.



Kit Information:

Full FG construction Double-leaf spoilers Pre-mounted control surfaces FG canopy frame Round steel wing joiner.


Technical Specifications:
Wingspan: 315 cm(124 in.) Accessories:
Length: 175 cm(69 in.)   Wheel
Weight:  approx. 4.2Kg (9.25 lbs.)   Tow release mechanism
Airfoil: fx 100 Retractable power system



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