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Dakota DC-3

  • Wingspan: 186 cm
  • Length: 121 cm
  • Weight: approx. 2,5 kg
  • Electricdrive: 2x Speed 600, 2x MEGA 22/10/6 or 2x MEGA 16/15/3 with gear

The DC-3 was developed from the DC-2 in early 1935 as a passenger aircraft operated by American Airlines. It was the first airliner to break even in passenger service. High economic efficiency and a new design contributed to the fact that in 1939 already 75% of all American air travelers were carried with the DC-3.

We developed the DC-3 model for the 600 engine class as an electric model. Thanks to the full GRP construction, the elegant lines and many details of the original could be optimally implemented. The GRP technology in our kits, which has already proven itself a thousand times over, enables the DC-3 to have a very low cell weight with high structural strength. Even with 8 cells and a take-off weight of almost 2,500g, perfect ground take-offs from grass slopes are possible. The DC-3 is delivered already painted, which shortens the construction time considerably!

Full composite Kit, from – € 369,-

If you are interested in the model, please contact us by phone or mail.


Hans-Dieter Reisert
Henschelstr. 11
63110 Rodgau