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Turbo Raven

  • Wingspan: 160 cm
  • Length: 146 cm
  • Weight: approx. 3,1 kg
  • Electricdrive: 5S Lipo

The Raven on which the Turbo Raven is based is a one-off production for the former US Navy pilot and well-known stunt pilot Wayne Handley. The two-seat aerobatic middle-wing aircraft was designed for extreme aerobatics and was powered by a 330 hp Lycoming. Handley was seen at many air shows, he achieved the title "California Unlimited Aerobatic Champion" three times and held the world record in flat spin for several years. When a more powerful drive was required for the machine, it was decided to use a P&W turboprop with 750 hp. Since the original airframe was not designed for the installation of this engine, a new plane, the Turbo Raven, was built, which took off on its maiden flight in March 1998. The classy “Oracle” Turbo Raven with the long muzzle and the enormous rudder, which, like the surfaces, is provided with elegant edge arches, as a single-seater “aerobatic rocket” caused enthusiasm among experts at numerous air shows.

Full composite Kit, from – € 545,-

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