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Albatros L-39 Scale 1:7
  • 138 cm
  • 175 cm
  • from 6,5 kg
  • ?

Albatros L-39

Scale 1:7

The Albatros L-39 was put into operation as the standard trainer for the Warsaw Pact Air Force in the mid-1970s. The elegant lines of the original and the large side air inlets prompted us to offer the L-39 as a jet model for impellers and turbines.

The retractable landing gear holder is already built in, as are the connectors in the wing and horizontal stabilizer. In connection with the absolutely true-to-original detailing of the full composite surface, you get a handy jet model with a manageable construction effort, which is a lot of fun due to its appearance and the extraordinary flight characteristics.

  • Wingspan: 138 cm
  • Length: 175 cm
  • Weight: from 6,5 kg
  • Turbines: ?
  • We offer the following accessories:
    • Scale Retractable landing gear
    • GRP tank
    • GRP duct
    • Thrust tube
    • Protective bags
  • Full GRP kit, two-piece GRP wings with built-in landing gear mount and plug-in, plug-in GRP horizontal stabilizer, gap-free mounted rudder flaps, GRP cabin frame, basic color white

  • Here are some impressions. Many thanks also to our customers for providing the photos.

  • Below are some press reports.

    • Albatros L-39 1:7

      "Airworlds L-39 Albatros as an electric impeller model"
      Report FMT June 2008 by Frank Vieten.
    • Kit in full GRP sandwich construction from € 1,195.-

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      • Request for offer Albatros L-39 1:7

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