CAP 231 EX

  • Wingspan: 221 cm
  • Length: 189 cm
  • Weight: from 8 kg
  • Engine: from 30 ccm

With the Cap 231, the company Avions Mudry has created an aerobatic aircraft that continues the successful tradition of the Cap 20 and Cap 230. Patrick Paris and Claude Bessiere achieved first and second place in the individual competitions with the Cap 231 at the 1990 World Championships.

In the all-GRP model of the Cap 231 we have adopted the original's idiosyncratic wing shape. The excellent flight characteristics result from the optimal lever ratios and the profiles proven by our extras. There is even room for the MOKI 90 cc in the huge cowl.
A multitude of distinctive rivets, scoops and sheet metal are moulded onto the fuselage, wing and tail surfaces, giving the Cap 231 a true-to-the-original appearance.

Full composite Kit, from – € 745,- 

If you are interested in the model, please contact us by phone or mail.