Klemm 35

Scale 1:4
  • Wingspan: 260 cm
  • Length: 187 cm
  • Weight: approx. 8 kg
  • Engine: from 40 ccm

The Klemm, designed as an open two-seater in the early 1930s, was used as a training aircraft by the Air Force and was extremely popular there because of its good aerobatic suitability and uncritical landing properties. Developed on a scale of 1:4, all characteristic details are already perfectly formed. The wing is constructed in three parts, the connectors, including those on the tail units, are already fully assembled. A scale chassis was developed for the model, which provides excellent damping and in which the bellows and the struts to the wing are faithfully reproduced. The landing gear mount is fully installed in the wing center section. A vintage car that enables a perfect appearance and fantastic flight characteristics in the shortest possible time.

Full composite Kit, from – € 895,- 

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