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About us - the AIRWORLD team in Rodgau

Christiane Bückner

Ute Guckes

Erik Eberle

Thomas Gleißner

"We are enthusiastic model athletes ourselves, so we know what is important and, thanks to decades of experience in model sport, development and production, we have the necessary know-how to meet the high demands of our customers."

Hans-Dieter Reisert

What defines us




AIRWORLD has always consciously stood out from the crowd, so it is only logical to turn away from industrial mass production. All essential product components are manufactured in Germany and the EU, and not just for quality reasons. Even for our Classic-Line kits, which were on the market well before the turn of the millennium, we can still manufacture all full-composite parts.

With commercial manufacturing, we see ourselves as part of the model building and aviation scene, with the aim of being able to respond individually to customer requests at all times and thus to more than satisfy every customer. We only manufacture each kit to order.

The well thought-out concepts, the quality and the excellent flight characteristics of the models, as well as the performance and the optimal running behavior of the engines, mean that not only quality-conscious amateur model athletes but also competition pilots from all over the world trust AIRWORLD products. It would go out of the range of this article to list all the victories in national and international competitions. We are proud that numerous air show pilots around the world choose AIRWORLD models. We would like to highlight Robert and Sebastian Fuchs as well as Tim Stadler, whose “Red Bull Aerobatic Team” has relied on AIRWORLD models for years and who have since become good friends of us.

Our founding story

In 1987 Hans-Dieter Reisert founded AIRWORLD Modellbau, initially as a sideline to his studies. His credo is to bring the know-how and enthusiasm that he has developed as a hobby model builder into excellent products in high-end model building.

This is how AIRWORLD coined the term “full composite model”. With the model of the DG 300 on a scale of 1:4, AIRWORLD takes over the construction of the original for the first time, a full composite shell construction with a supporting spar, built-in spoilers, plug-in and ready-to-connect ailerons. With the Zlin 50 and the Wilga 104 PZL, the first engine models follow in the same design, which at this point in time are the highlights in scale model building with molded joints and rivets.

Ernst Eberle, an enthusiastic model pilot and engineer, brings in his knowledge. In 1989 he developed the Stemme S10 model, a self-launching high-performance motorized glider whose propulsion, like the original, is activated by extending the bow tip. The MOKI S215 radial engine he designed and presented in 1998 is the basis for a number of other radial engines from 180 to 500 ccm.

In 1992, AIRWORLD moves with development and sales from the small extension in Rödermark to the current business premises in Rodgau. On almost 500 square meters there is not only a warehouse, workshop and offices but also a large showroom in which, among other things, the latest innovations are exhibited.

In 2000, AIRWORLD can win Thomas Gleißner as an employee. The talented pilot, one of the most successful German competition pilots, represents the AIRWORLD products with his flight demonstrations like no one else could. He is happy to share his knowledge and experience in individual customer advice. The development work also benefits from his technical and craft expertise and his “being part of the scene”.

The AIRWORLD product range is constantly being expanded, in 2021 AIRWORLD does have 25 jets, 28 motor models, 26 gliders and 8 electric models in its range. The current Starfighter F 104 in a scale of 1:3 or the MB 339 in a scale of 1:2.4 are impressive.

We used the time during the business closings caused by the corona pandemic and the cancellation of trade fairs and flight days to renew our online presence. We hope that you like the AIRWORLD and the Moki website as well as our “AIRWORLD & MOKI” Facebook account and that you will find all the information you need there.


Hans-Dieter Reisert
Henschelstr. 11
63110 Rodgau