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Cougar F9 F Scale 1:5
  • 216 cm
  • 240 cm
  • from 16 kg
  • from 12 kp

Cougar F9 F

Scale 1:5

The Cougar F9 F was developed as the American answer to the MIG 15 used in the Korean War from the already proven Panther. The most striking modifications are the backward-swept wings and horizontal stabilizers, which give the Cougar an extremely sleek appearance. After the end of the war, the Cougar was used, among other things, as a reconnaissance aircraft and target display drone. The Navy’s famous art flight squadron, the Blue Angels, also flew the Cougar very successfully as the successor to the Panthers.

With all rivets and details, speed brakes, flaps and dive brakes, we have developed the Cougar in full fiberglass construction on a scale of 1:5 based on the original documents.


  • Wingspan: 216 cm
  • Length: 240 cm
  • Weight: from 16 kg
  • Turbines: from 12 kp
  • Here are some impressions. Many thanks also to our customers for providing the photos.

  • We offer the following accessories:
    • Scale cockpit
    • Scale retractable landing gear pneumatic with alloy wheels and drum brakes
    • GRP Duct
    • GRP Tank
    • Thrust tube
    • Lighting set
    • Protective bags

  • Full GRP kit, CNC machined formers with landing gear mounts already built into the fuselage, two-piece GRP wings with built in wing mounts and servo mounts, plug-in GRP horizontal stabilizer with servo mounts, gapless mounted rudder flaps, GRP cabin frame, extensive accessories available.
    The CNC milled formers are already used in the mold during lamination just like the air ducts and reduce the construction time considerably. Access to the turbine is made maintenance-friendly by the removable upper fuselage section.

  • Many thanks to our customers for the great videos!

    • Airworld Cougar F9F

      Maiden Flight

    • RC Airworld COUGAR F9F turbine jet

    • Below are some press reports.

      • Cougar F9 F

        "Sheep in predator skin | Grummann F9F Cougar by Airworld"
        FMT report March 2007.
      • Kit in full GFRP-sandwich construction – from € 2.600,-

        The request for offer, also for the available accessories, can be found in the form below.
        Here you can configure the model according to your wishes and send us your request by email. We will calculate the shipping costs and inform you about the current delivery time.
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