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F-100 D Scale 1:5
  • 226 cm
  • 263 cm / 281 cm
  • from 17,5 kg
  • from 16 kp

F-100 D / F-100 F

Scale 1:5

The F-100 was developed as the successor to the F-86 in the early 1950s and had its maiden flight in 1953. As early as 1955, the first recognized supersonic world record was flown at a speed of 1323 km / h.

We have chosen the D version of the F-100 for our 1/5 scale model. This variant had an enlarged vertical tail and a larger wingspan.
In addition to the single-seater, we also offer the F-100 in a double-seater version, the F-100 F.

Our model has already molded the characteristic sheet metal, rivets and scoops of the original, the huge speedbrake and the stable landing gear as well as the central air inlet in the tip of the fuselage are distinctive identifying marks of the F-100.

By using the Herex sandwich construction for all components, including the fuselage, we achieve enormous stability of the parts with extremely low weight at the same time.

The F-100 is a real show-stopper on every flight day!

  • Wingspan: 226 cm
  • Length: 263 cm (single-seat) / 281 cm (double-seat)
  • Weight: from 17,5 kg (dry)
  • Turbines: from 16 kp
  • Here are some impressions. Many thanks also to our customers for providing the photos.

  • We offer the following accessories:
    • Scale retractable landing gear, electric
    • Scale cockpit
    • GFK duct
    • GFK tank
    • Thrust tube
    • Lighting set
    • Protective bags

  • Available as single and double seater.

  • Many thanks to our customers for the great videos!

    • Airworld F-100 by Exact Aircraft

      Horizon Airmeet 2017
    • F-100D Airworld

      Fyresdal autumn jet meeting 23-24 Oct 2015 Norway.
    • F 100 Super Sabre (AIRWORLD)

      Víctor Calvo (09-09-2014)
    • Full composite Kits – from € 3.495,-

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