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F-104 Starfighter Scale 1:3
  • 250 cm
  • 578 cm
  • from 65 kg
  • Jet Cat P 550

F-104 Starfighter

Scale 1:3

The Lockheed F-104 "Starfighter" is a single-engine American fighter aircraft from the Cold War era, manufactured by Lockheed Corporation, Burbank.
In the search for a more than extraordinary model type, which opens up a new dimension not only with regard to its dimensions, we took the decision to develop a model airplane of the extra class with the XXXL Starfighter, thus crowning our 30th company anniversary. We transferred the excellent flight characteristics of our small F-104 to the big one and realized a project that was also trend-setting for us in every respect. Equipped with a Jet-Cat 550pro the model has a take-off weight of about 70kg. The sound and the flight dynamics of our XXXL F-104 always causes goose bumps and makes every flight a unique experience for pilot and spectator.

  • Wingspan: 250 cm mit Tanks
  • Length: 578 cm four-piece hull, largest pack size 220 cm
  • Weight: from 65 kg
  • Turbines: Jet Cat P 550 or 2x Jet Cat P 300
  • Here are some impressions. Many thanks also to our customers for providing the photos.

  • We offer the following accessories for the F-104 Starfighter:
    • Scale retractable landing gear with aluminum wheels and electric brakes
    • Scale cockpit
    • Thrust tube
    • GRP tanks
    • pitot tube
    • Protective bag set
    • Lighting set

  • Full GRP/CRP kit, four-part fuselage, all connectors installed, despite the impressive fuselage length of 578 cm longest fuselage part only 220cm, CFRP wings with removable tip tanks, landing flaps, removable CFRP tailplane, installed main landing gear, CNC former set, prepared for JetCat 550 Pro.

  • Many thanks to our customers for the great videos!

    • New giant XXXL RC F-104 Starfighter 90 kg SCALE 1:3 AIRWORLD formation flight team "Red Bull".
    • Over The Top Starfighter F-104 XXL Jet Power.
    • Below are some press reports.

      • Red Bull Aerobatic Team with 3x F-104

        "Zugelassen von Reinhard Schott"
        Report FMT April 2021 by Reinhard Schott.
      • Starfighter F-104 1:3

        "Triple X | Acceptance of the XXXL F-104 from Airworld Modellbau"
        Report FMT April 2019 by Reinhard Schott.
      • Full composite Kit, price on request

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        • Request for offer F 104 Starfighter 1:3

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