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  • 179 cm
  • 368 cm
  • from 20 kg
  • from 20 kp

MiG 21 1:4

Scale 1:4

The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 fighter is the most widely built fighter aircraft after the Second World War and the most widely built jet aircraft ever. The aircraft was built in more than 20 versions and used by over 50 air forces. More than forty years after its first flight, this jet is still in production in China. Today, about 2000 aircraft are still listed in the air force inventory.
Together with the team of Uwe and Roy Puchtinger we have developed the aircraft in 1/4 scale. Without compromise, the two have meticulously duplicated the surface of the model with all rivets, joints, edges and sheet metal according to original documents. The result is a scale jet that is unsurpassed in its attention to detail and meets even the highest competition standards.
In combination with the electric scale retractable landing gear, the scale cockpit and the optional scale extension set, you get a jet model suitable for everyday use with excellent flight characteristics and perfect performance on the ground and in the air.

  • Wingspan: 179 cm
  • Length: 368 cm
  • Weight: from 20 kg
  • Turbines: from 20 kp
  • Here are some impressions. Many thanks also to our customers for providing the photos.

  • Below are some details about the kit.


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