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Focke-Wulf Fw 190 Scale 1:3,7
  • 284 cm
  • 244 cm
  • 22 kg
  • MOKI 250

Focke Wulf Fw 190

Scale 1:3,7

The Focke Wulf FW-190 is one of the most famous fighters of the 2nd World War. It was conceived as a fighter and fighter-bomber and its design was shaped by the use of the BMW radial engine as the drive source.

Produced on a scale of 1:3.7 according to the original documents, it has all the striking details such as scoops, metal sheets, rivets, hinges and fasteners. The canopy is pushed back, true to the original, and gives a clear view of the cockpit extension with seat, instrument panel and interior trim. The retractable landing gear mount is already built into the wing with a precise fit.

  • Wingspan: 284 cm
  • Length: 244 cm
  • Weight: from 22 kg
  • Engine: MOKI 250, MOKI 250/7, MOKI 300, MOKI 350/7
  • Here are some impressions. Many thanks also to our customers for providing the photos.

  • We offer the following accessories:
    • Scale retractable landing gear, electric
    • Wheel set
    • Scale cockpit extension kit
    • GRP scale spinner
    • Retractable tail spinner
    • Protective bag set

  • Full GRP kit in Herex sandwich construction, GRP reinforced fuselage with molded engine dome - prepared for MOKI 250 or MOKI 300, sliding canopy, two-piece GRP wing with integrated wing plug-in, carbon reinforced landing gear mount ready mounted, landing flaps, GRP landing gear fairing, pluggable tailplane, CNC-milled former set for fuselage extension, basic color silver.

  • Many thanks to our customers for the great videos!

    • AIRWORLD FW190 with 300cc Moki radial engine
      Flown by Geir Salte from Norway at Warbirds over Evje 2020
    • Prowing 2018 HUGE Airworld Me-262 1/4 + FW190 1/3,7
    • Below are some press reports.

      • Focke-Wulf Fw 190 1:3.7

        Report Modell AVIATOR July 2018 by Alexander Obolonsky.
      • Full composite Kit, from – € 2.995,-

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