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Gee Bee R3
  • 300 cm
  • 300 cm
  • 18 kg
  • MOKI Stern S 250

Gee Bee R3

The Gee Bees were the most successful racing aircraft in the late 20s to mid 30s, during the so-called golden years of the air race. Constructed around the giant Pratt & Whitney radial engine, they were uncompromisingly designed for speed.

The Gee Bee R3 is a further development of the types R1 and R2. Due to the longer fuselage, it should have significantly better flight characteristics and be easier to land. Unfortunately, the R3 did not get beyond the construction phase. The age of air races and the associated high prize money was over and the R3 was no longer built.

Horst Streicher, owner of the company STO, the documents of this Gee Bee fell into the hands and for him one thing was certain: It must be available as a model! Constructed by STO in CAD, with CNC milled master models or forms and our know-how in GRP sandwich construction, we have brought an unusual highlight in aviation history to life in teamwork. The Gee Bee, equipped with our MOKI radial engine, is the attraction of every air show!

  • Wingspan: 300 cm
  • Length: 300 cm
  • Weight: from 18 kg
  • Engine: MOKI Stern S 250, MOKI Stern S7 250, MOKI Stern S 400
  • Here are some impressions. Many thanks also to our customers for providing the photos.

  • We offer the following accessories:
    • Wheel set
    • Decorsheet
    • Aluminum spinner
    • Tank

  • Super light and strong Herex-sandwich fuselage with built in formers, wing in full-Gfk / Herex-sandwich construction, flaps, removable tailplane, servo mounts pre-assembled, sprung main landing gear, Gfk-wheel fairings, bracing set (flying wires) ready to assemble.

  • Many thanks to our customers for the great videos!


    • GeeBee R3 Airworld Moki 250

    • Airworld Gee Bee R3 "Texaco 44" RC Giant Model GeeBee HD mit MOKI 300

    • Below are some press reports.

      • Gee Bee R3

        "GENTLEMEN, START YOUR ENGINE | Gee Bee R3 by Airworld"
        Report FMT March 2021 by Mark Maibom un H.K. Kreeft.
      • Full composite Kit, from – € 2.980,-

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