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ASH 31 Scale 1:3
  • 600/700 cm
  • 235 cm
  • from 11,5 Kg
  • AW 10.1

ASH 31

Scale 1:3

The Schleicher ASH 31 Mi is a single-seat glider from the glider manufacturer Alexander Schleicher. It is the self-launching successor to the ASH 26 E. Depending on the outer wing span, the design by Martin Heide belongs to the 18 m class or, with a 21 m span, to the open class.

Our construction on a scale of 1: 3 was calculated with a profile with only 10% profile thickness. Dynamic flying and an outstanding conversion of the kinetic energy allow maximum flying fun both on slopes and on the plane. With the two optionally available outer wings with 6m or 7m wingspan, you can cover the entire range of applications in both thermal and dynamic flight operations.

Despite the thin profile, double-decker spoilers are built into our ASH 31, so landing in any flight terrain is easy and relaxed.

  • Wingspan: 600/700 cm
  • Length: 235 cm
  • Weight: from 11,5 kg
  • Profile: AW 10.1
  • Here are some impressions. Many thanks also to our customers for providing the photos.

  • We offer the following accessories:
    • Carbon D-Box
    • Scale instrument panel
    • Suspended landing gear
    • Tow release
    • Decal sheet
    • Protective bags

  • Full composite kit with seamless fuselage, full-carbon composite wings with built-in double deck brakes, all composite elevator and rudder, fiberglas canopy frame, clear canopy, alu/carbon wing joiner, CNC-milled former set.

  • Please inquire directly with us for this brand new model. We will discuss the expansion stages with you individually and create a personal offer for you.
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • For the scale extension of your glider we offer the following parts from BK-Modelltechnik.


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