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DG 600 Scale 1:3,7
  • 460 cm
  • 185 cm
  • 5,2 kg
  • FX 60/126

DG 600

Scale 1:3,7

The DG 600 is a high-performance glider from Glaser-Dirks in fiberglass construction. The slim shape of the fuselage and the double trapezoidal surfaces create a fantastic flight image. We manufacture the machine on a scale of 1:3.7 using a full GRP construction, which means that the surface is extremely faithful to the profile and pressure-resistant.

The double-decker flaps are built in and hinged, the wing panels are fully assembled and the ailerons ready for connection. The wing clamping device and the bracket for the spoiler servo are already integrated into the aluminum spar bridge. The finishing work is limited to applying the decor set.

  • Wingspan: 460 cm
  • Length: 185 cm
  • Weight: approx. 5,2 kg
  • Profile: FX 60/126
  • Here are some impressions. Many thanks also to our customers for providing the photos.

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    • Many thanks to our customers for the great videos!

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          Test report of the "Modell" from the "Zeitung" from "Datum".
          Sorry - but unfortunately we only have the test report in German.
        • Kit in full GRP sandwich construction, silver – 2.995,- €

          Further prices for accessories and motors can be found in the request for quotation.
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          • Request for offer Yakk 11

            Only in german.
          • For the scale extension of your glider we offer the following parts from BK-Modelltechnik.


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